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Graag breng ik julie op de hoogte van enkele internationale activiteiten en bijscholingsmogelijkheden.


2022 Internationale Activiteiten - Live en online

ISH Monthly Masterclass Hypnosis – elke 3de woensdag online van 17-20u

Volgende online webinar : “Clinical Hypnosis in Palliative Care “
Dr. Paola Maria Brugnoli
Registration at
Date 17 Aug 2022 The IWed, 17 Aug 2022, 17-20 CEST ( –
Registration fee : vhyp leden = 20 USD
Accreditatie : voor deze activiteit van 3 uur = 3CP’s

Royal Society of Medicine – Hypnosis Section – The Science of Suggestion (Live and online)

Join us to learn about advances in hypnosis and psychotherapy with a particular focus on belief and dissociation. This event is a unique opportunity to explore how phenomenological control may impact imaginative involvement and how that affects our understanding of hypnotic research to date.
Specialist speakers will provide important insight into the connection between suggestibility and spiritualist mediums.

Attend this event to:

  • Understand how relabelling 'hypnotic suggestibility' could change how the response to imaginative suggestion is perceived
  • Learn how phenomenological control could lead to misinterpretation of such responses
  • Understand dissociation and its involvement in a wide range of human experiences, vulnerabilities, and abilities
  • Ascertain the reciprocal influences between beliefs, expectations, and dissociative states


This meeting is being held in association with the British Society of Clinical & Academic Hypnosis (BSCAH).

Discount code: EHS03

Date and time: Mon 12 Sep 2022 from 11:00am to 5:40pm
Hybrid event
In person at the Royal Society of Medicine
Live stream – Zoom

Invited Speaker(s):
Dr Pete Lush
Dr William McGeown
Dr Quinton Deeley
Dr David Kraft

Chaired by: Dr Wendy Philips

Language: English


SCEH Webinars - Society of Clinical and experimental hypnosis Webinars (

August 12, 2022 Changing Children’s Lives Through Hypnosis. Ran D. Anbar. 18-19.30 CEST

In this presentation, I will describe and demonstrate four approaches to use of hypnosis with children that have proven to be effective in my clinical practice when used separately or in combination. With most of my patients I first introduce the concepts of the mind/body interactions and the importance of positive self-talk through a muscle testing demonstration. Secondly, patients are taught how to achieve a relaxed state using favorite place imagery and progressive relaxation, as well as how to trigger their relaxation response with an anchor. During a third session I often introduce children to the concept of the subconscious and how it can help them. I teach them ways of communicating directly with their subconscious including through ideomotor signaling and self-talk. Finally, we discuss how to achieve a spiritual state that permits patients to view life challenges with a more helpful perspective.

Registratie: Changing Children’s Lives with Hypnosis (


September 9, 2022 Post-traumatic Growth: Theory, Process, and Self-Hypnosis Training. Gary Elkins & Connor Kelley

Trauma can take many forms and can relate to traumatic events, adverse childhood experiences, or other traumatic life experiences. When exposed to significant trauma, individuals experience disruption of their beliefs, life narrative, and experience intense emotional distress. Exposure-based behavioral therapies have been shown to reduce symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), however many individuals continue to struggle with PTSD symptoms and trauma. Posttraumatic growth (PTG), refers to the ability of individuals to create new narratives and meanings following cataclysmic trauma and that positive psychological changes can be experienced as a result of struggle. PTG can be complementary to expose-based therapies and provide needed experiences for healing and positive change. Foundational to PTG is the understanding that “it is not the event itself that defines trauma, but its effect on the schemas, exposing them to reconstruction” (Calhoun & Tedeschi, 2004). PTG encompasses a constructivist perspective in which individuals develop core beliefs and schemas about self, the past and future, and the world. Through struggle, schemas can change, coping skills developed, and growth can occur. With expert guidance individuals may develop new personal strengths, appreciation of life, deeper relationships, spiritual change, and become aware of new possibilities. Training in self-hypnosis can facilitate development of emotional regulation, awareness, and positive schema changes. This webinar will identify the theoretical foundations and goals of PTG, the process by which it can occur, hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and how training in self-hypnosis can facilitate posttraumatic growth.

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Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH) Annual Congress

 Oct. 12-16, 2022 Live online


Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Workshops plus a Scientific Program.

New! CE and CME available.
Advance registration required. Registration deadline: October 4, 2022. We regret we can not accommodate late registrations.
Please note that all listed sessions are in Pacific Time (PT). Click here for help converting time zones.

Conference Theme

Our 2022 conference theme, Next Steps and Future Directions for Hypnosis Research and Practice, reflects the Society’s commitment to research and practice, and how each informs the other. The theme reflects the diverse clinical settings in which our clinical members practice, and the wide range of research questions that arise from those interactions. Important work on elements fundamental to understanding hypnosis, such as the nature of consciousness, beliefs, and suggestion, point to next steps and future directions for advancing our understanding of practical applications of hypnosis. We invite workshop proposals supported by research findings, and scientific program submissions ranging from basic research findings to outcome data broadly relevant to hypnosis.

Langere termijn planning


ESH European Society of Hypnosis Congress
“Hypnosis Food for Body and Mind: An Integrated Approach to Healing”.

Date : 2023, October, 26 – 29th .
Venue : Istanbul
XVI ESH CONGRESS – European Society of Hypnosis (
ESH 2023

2024 ISH Krakow congress: Cooperation in Hypnosis Challenges and Benefits.

On 12-15 of June 2024 we will meet in beautiful Krakow for the XXII World Congress of Medical and Clinical Hypnosis! The venue will be Auditorium Maximum, the conference center of the Jagiellonian University – the oldest higher education institution in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe Krakow is one of the best recognizable cities in this part of Europe, visited by about 13 million visitors annually. They are attracted by beautiful landscapes of the city, attractive streets, squares and the largest historical complex in Poland, unique on global scale. This city has an excellent accessibility – it is placed in the middle of Europe (~1500 km from Paris, ~1500 km from Moscow). There is an airport just 12 km west of the centre, a recently modernised train and bus station on the edge of the Old Town. Kracow has a very broad range of accommodation types: from 5-stars luxury hotels to the budget hostels..

Date: 2024, June, 12-15th

Venue, Krakow, Poland

Program of the Congress - ISH Congress 2024 - Hypnosis 2022 (

Registration: Hypnosis 2022 (

Because of special Polish Tax laws, you can register for the Congress without paying immediately. The Polish Organizing team will tell you when you have to pay without creating tax problems for the organizers. Everybody will pay the Congress fees that are valid at the time of registration (i.e., you will get early bird registration prices if you register early), even if you do not pay right away.Looking forward to seeing you in person soon,

Bernhard Trenkle
President of The International Society of Hypnosis
Kris Klajs
Chair of The XXII World Congress of Medical & Clinical Hypnosis

Please spread this information to your national and international colleagues.


“Cooperation in Hypnosis: Challenges and Benefits”
Het zou fijn zijn jullie talrijk te verwelkomen op deze speciale events waar je eigen interesse in het veld van hypnose gevoed wordt met wetenschap, interactie, sfeervolle activiteiten, live en online ontmoetingen … en je met een bagage vol inspiratie verder je weg maakt in de hypnose wereld! Voor al deze activiteiten krijg je ook CP's die je zelf kan aanvragen.

Nicole Ruysschaert
International Public Relations

ISH International Society of Hypnosis Newsletter

ISH Newsletter – June 2022

As usual you read the President’s letter translated in 5 languages.

For the main interview I had the pleasure to interview Silvia Zanotta about her career. She is founding director of the Ego-State therapy section in Switzerland. She emphasises a hypno-somatic ego state therapy approach, that is, combining hypnosis and ego state therapy with somatic approaches as started by Maggie Phillips more than 20 years ago.

Clinical Relevance of research findings.

In each section of the ISH NL we introduce you to a summary of recent research with short and easy explanations of some research concepts. Scientific reports are more and more complex and complicated; only a small portion of hypnosis experts enjoy them. For the majority of professionals it can even be frightening or boring. The aim of these letters is to bring researchers and clinicians closer together, to highlight the clinical relevance of research findings of hypnosis in a very simple user-friendly way. Clinicians are also encouraged to propose questions to be studied, clinically relevant phenomena to analyze, and hypnotic processes to be understood. Let’s build the bridges of understanding together…

The June section brings you a summary review on hypnosis in legal courts.

Link to the journal

Click here.


ESH International Society of Hypnosis Newsletter

ESH Newsletter

My attention went out to an interesting interview carried out by Kathleen Long with the cult expert Steve Hassan who explains some of the manipulation mechanism most used by authoritarian leaders. This interview is worth reading as it gives information that helps us recognise the strategies members of cults use to coopt new members. 

ESH Summer Edition 22

Click here.


2021 -2022 Masterclassses ISH ONLINE

Prof. Dr. Giuseppe De Benedittis.
Fibromyalgia: A Hypnotherapeutic Journey into the Invisible Illness

 Dipl. Psych. Bernhard Trenkle
The Chinese chest technique

Dr. Teresa Robles Ericksonian
Hypnosis based on Universal Wisdom

Consuelo Casula
Hypnotherapy for grief process

MARCH 2022
Dr. Enayat Shahidi, MD
Hypnotherapy of the traumatized patient

APRIL 2022
Dan Short, PhD
Emotional Process work during Hypnotherapy

MAY 2022
Cecilia Fabre, MA
Hypnosis with metaphorical objects


JUNE 2022
Dr. Mehdi Fathi
Hypnosis in Pain Management

JULY 2022
Dr. Nicole Ruysschaert
Self-hypnosis to decrease risks of burnout and compassion fatigue for health care workers

Dr. Paola Maria Brugnoli, MD PhD
Clinical Hypnosis in Palliative Care 



Making Psychotherapy More Effective with Unconscious Process Work is an essential text that seeks to educate readers on the astounding capabilities of unconscious intelligence to both gather information and engage in rapid cognition. By providing a comprehensive and easily understood overview of the recent research on unconscious processes, as well as clinical case material, this book provides readers with skills that will enable them to strategically engage these resources.

The first part of the book discusses the research-based principles that frame this growth-oriented approach towards psychotherapy. New discoveries about the surprising limitations of conscious self-governance force readers to reconsider the overall aim of psychotherapy. The second part explores several transtheoretical techniques, focusing on prediction, reimagining, mental contrasting, and incubated cognition. Case examples and key point summaries are used throughout, with the last chapter featuring reflective exercises. This book is essential reading for practicing psychotherapists, Ericksonian therapists, graduate students, and professors of psychotherapy.

You read a book review in the ESH Newsletter ESHNSLSummerEdition22.pdf (

Enjoy the reading!

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