Dissociative Disorders and Traumatic Experiences


Dissociative Disorders and Traumatic Experiences:      

Connecting and Integrating Different Parts into a Functional and Unified Self.


Trainer: Camillo Loriedo, Professor of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology at the University of Rome La Sapienza, Past-President of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) and the European Society of Hypnosis (ESH). He was awarded the Milton H. Erickson Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Psychotherapy, in Phoenix, Arizona (2001) and Awarded the Benjamin Franklin Award (Gold Medal), the highest honor of ISH, with the following motivation: "Prolific author, creative therapist, distinguished leader. You have exemplified the highest achievement in promoting academic and clinical efficacy of hypnosis worldwide, while pioneering the use of hypnosis in couples and family psychotherapy", 2012, in Bremen. He has authored over 390 scientific papers and 32 books.

Date:  Friday, February 21 - 2020. Time: 9:30-17:00

Location: UPC KU Leuven, Leuvensesteenweg 517 – 3070 Kortenberg, Congres centrum.

Target group: Psychiatrists Psychologists Psychotherapists MD                           

Abstract: Dissociation can be described as the failure to integrate information and self-attributions that should ordinarily be integrated, and as alterations of consciousness characterized by a sense of detachment from the self and/or the environment. The strong connection between hypnosis and dissociation is known since the time of Pierre Janet's pioneer work. Dissociative hypnotic intervention demonstrated to be very useful in treating pain, anxiety disorders and many other conditions. But hypnosis can as well reactivate the natural process of mind, to reconnect both the dissociated mind and body parts, into a functional and unified self, particularly after traumatic experiences. The role of specific techniques designed to re-establish integration will be described, as well as the role of rapport, the special hypnotic relationship. Since rapport can create both an intense interpersonal link with the hypnotist, and profound disconnections with the non-hypnotic reality, it should be considered a crucial part of the therapeutic approach to dissociative conditions. How to use rapport as well as other specific therapeutic interventions to re-establish the natural integrative links in a dissociative mind-body system will be outlined in this presentation.

Outline: The Workshop will include:

  • Some notions on traumatic experiences and on consequent mind and body Dissociation
  • Mind and body dissociation description and their effects
  • Description of clinical cases of Dissociative Disorders (DD) and of Conversion Disorder (CD).
  • Description of the hypnotic approach to DD and CD emphasizing similarities and differences
  • Videos of clinical cases of DD and CD
  • Live demonstration of integrative approaches

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Activiteit tijden

21 Feb 2020 9:30 AM

21 Feb 2020 17:00 PM


  • Camillo Loriedo




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